wash day

the weather was absolutely gorgeous here today (northern England) so I thought I might as well make use of the sun for something other than cultivating my freckles. sunny day means WASH DAY!

I had an absolutely massive stash of socks awaiting washing, two sinks full.


I really like seeing the variety of the socks I’ve made. I can see:

socks made from my Christmas present, the Socksyeah! book by Rachel Coopey.

aran socks from a pattern by Emma Wright, my absolute favourite boot socks ever

socks made from yarn I dyed in a gradient

socks I cast-on on holiday, absolutely desperate to have a knitting project to do

etc etc. it reminds me of how much every knitting project is linked to a certain time and place and can bring back memories every time you look at it or wear it. You don’t get that with store-bought socks!



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