playing (and losing at) yarn chicken



You buy yarn, to begin a new project.

You run out of yarn mid-way through, so you have to buy some more.

You finish the project, but still have some yarn left over.


Currently I am stuck at the ‘running out yarn mid-way through’ point, as shown in the photo. I’m just starting re-joining in the round after the heel flap on the second sock, and I have totally run out of one of the colours.

One of the things I really liked about this book of patterns (Socks Yeah! by Rachel Coopey) is that the cover photo shows the endless balls of random bits of yarn that we all get left with, and the patterns seem to be designed to use up these little bits. OR SO I THOUGHT! What if the truth is something more sinister? What if Rachel Coopey has actually cunningly designed these socks in order to constantly keep her knitting fans stuck in the circle of yarn chicken. You THINK that you’re sensibly using up odds and ends, but in reality all you’re doing is leading to another purchase of yarn when you inevitability run out part-way through.

They are GORGEOUS though.

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 20.21.44.png

So I don’t begrudge my knitting addiction keeping me trapped in this cycle…too much 😉

Yarn: Coopknits SocksYeah! by Fyberspates in Benitolite, Sphene, and Kunzite

Pattern: Twylla in Coopknits SocksYeah! Volume 1.




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